egg from our very own hen!


Springtime: the season of resurrection, of rebirth.  Its a beautiful time of year in the desert.  Trees burst forth with delicate green leaves. Cacti bloom. The days are long and warm, but not sweltering.  Our garden is burgeoning, as if the plants sense the 100 degree days right around the corner, and they relish these last few weeks before heat stress kicks in.  I love biking to work, smelling jasmine and orange blossoms, and feeling the yellow sun warm my bare arms.

On April 19th, my husband called out my name as I was leaving for the day.  Our clump of columnar cacti in the front yard, pretty unimpressive for about 350 days a year, had burst forth into huge, foot-wide magenta blooms.  It was a sight that took our breath away.  And the beauty was soon punctuated by joy: a few short hours later, I received a call from my stepfather.  My mother’s insurance approved treatment at MD Anderson, drug study and bone marrow transplant in all.  We are going to Houston, to get my mom the very best care, and best shot at a cure.

The spring equinox, this year on March 20th, is the time when the axis of the earth is balanced, neither towards the sun nor away.  Now, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are leaning a bit towards the sun.  We see life come forth where all seemed lost.  After a cold winter, many of our plants looked dead only a few weeks ago, and are now sending up new shoots of life.

Our holidays aknowlege the miracle of this time of year.  Jews give thanks for blessings from God and feast with hope that the Messiah will come.  The resurrection of Jesus is perhaps the central tenant of Christianity. We decorate Easter eggs, celebrating fertility and the wonder of life that seems to come from nothing.

This year, I am breathing a little bit deeper, smiling a little wider, and enjoying more fully the beautiful flowers, the perfumed air.  I remember the dark days of winter, but embrace the hope for my own mother’s resurrection, and celebrate the minute ways in which we are all reborn, everyday.

1 thought on “resurrection

  1. Janine

    That was beautiful from the daughter! I think I wrote John, Janelle and Dorie 3x in one day!!! TX for keeping me informed!!! You have a wonderful family and glad I got included! I just left a 91 year old client who is doing great! 36 yeaRS older then me!!! My heart and prayers go out to the whole family!!! Wish I was closer but she is in the best spot! Love Janine


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