Cancer is disruptive. The major ways don’t deserve much elaboration.  We all understand the tragedy surrounding lives cut far too short. 

But treatment and survivorship involves disruptions on a more minor scale.  This weekend, I helped my family prepare for their 3+ month stay in Houston.  They are putting their lives on hold, with all the associated costs and stresses of setting up a new, temporary home.  Is my mom worth it?  Of course!  But I still felt the pain while watching my mom gaze at the cat she is leaving behind, felt the stress while my stepfather arranged for all of Grandma’s medications to be available in Houston. 

Recently, my mom sent me the copy of a job posting that would have been a great opportunity for her.  She can’t apply for it.  Our time share might stand empty this year–no fun family vacations this year.  These all pale in comparison to my mother’s life, of course, but they are small losses. 

I am mourning the simple life for my family, with its average goals and moderate challenges.

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