its just a phone, but…


I lost my iPhone today, en route to Houston.  Well, I think I lost it.  I last saw it in the Phoenix International Airport and it wasn’t in by bag when my plan landed in Texas. Damn. Lost or stolen, the phone is gone.

It sounds really whiny to complain about a missing phone right now, probably because it is.  Even I have enough self awareness to notice that.  Yep, I’m constantly on the iphone– it might be one of the yuppiest things about me.  Even though many others have cooled in their devotion (tempered perhaps by the fact that everyone else under the sun has one now, too), I’m still pretty noisy about how much I love my phone.  So to lose it? Especially now? Seriously?  My mom is sick from her chemo, I’m distracted with worry, then this– the crappy icing on a shit peice of cake. 

Anyway, the good news is, I’ll get a new phone, but not until May 6th.  That’s when the hubby is eligible for an upgrade (which actually means a replacement, but who’s getting hung up on the specifics?).  I can then apply his “upgrade” to my phone, and hopefully I synched before I downloaded all that awesome music and it will be restored to me through the magic of the digital era- but probably not. 

The even better news is Mom is feeling much improved from earlier today.  I spent some time with her in the hospital at MD Anderson before she went to bed, and she’s about 100% better from just 4 hours ago.  The nurses and doctors are taking great care of her, and she’s going to beat this thing.  And one more annoying, entitled iPhone user will get another phone within a week.  All is right with the world.

1 thought on “its just a phone, but…

  1. Cousin Janet

    don’t ask me the particulars but there are GPS ways hidden in your phone that can track its location even apprehending the bad person if in fact it was stolen…read an article of a victim at MSP airport who left her new I pad in the airline seat pocket…her teenage son tracked it to an address in N mpls and viewed the satillite picture of the actual apt blding..busted


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