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Returning back, I feel greater appreciation for my home, and homelife. Our marriage consists of two homebodies, but even more than myself, my husband relishes being in our “castle.”  Working in the yard, making various improvements on the house… this is his idea of joy.

When we first were discussing living together, we shared with each other what we were looking for in a home.  I wanted backyard chickens– suprisingly, he was amenable.  We both wanted to grow vegetables. Shortly thereafter, he purchased a 1940’s bungalow in a historic neighborhood in Tucson, and I didn’t know what was ahead.  He toiled to the extent that I wondered if I was going to be ignored for the rest of our relationship, but I soon realized the extent of his talents and scope of his plans.  He has since transformed our home**, particularly our backyard.  We have built multiple garden beds, which are bursting forth with our first significant harvest.  The chickens have a true poultry palace, which Jack designed and constructed on his own.   Our yard, which used to look a bit like Mars,  is now resembling a proper urban homestead oasis. 

I feel a bit of heaven watching the chickens peck and scratch in the dirt, feeling cats rub against my legs, admiring of the rapidly-growing corn reaching  for the sky. Sometimes, the tasks of having an older house and a huge garden overwhelm me, but I have never felt more settled and secure in any home.  This is a place of beauty and peace.  It is ours, and we are lucky. 

** of course, I helped, but he deserves so much more credit than I do, being the primary visionary and executor of the garden project

1 thought on “more on home

  1. Kerry

    Hi Sweetie,

    Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you and sending you psychic hugs and kisses… hoping that you remain strong yet tender toward yourself in the face of such a difficult journey with your mom.

    Your writing is incredible and inspiring. It reminds me of the healing power your words had for me when I was depressed in Spain, so many years ago. The emails you sent me helped me get through a tough time. Truly, you are a wise old soul, inside of a cute, youthful little body.

    I am continually impressed with your positive yet unattached outlook on life. Given the hand you’ve been dealt, I don’t even think the Buddha himself would be seeing things as clearly as you are.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and heart,



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