the best possible outcome

 (written September 6th)

I’m on my way home now, after 2.5 weeks with my family.  A lot has changed– in the interim, Mom had a week-long hospital stay, several procedural interventions, one round of chemotherapy, and oh yeah, we packed up their apartment and made it back home to Arizona.

I’ll be honest, on my way out to Houston, things sounded bleak, and when I landed and was able to asses the situation myself, I wasn’t reassured. I was scared of the possiblility, which was far from remote, that she would get rapidly and progressively sicker, and be unable to make it back home.  I was afraid her ticket to Houston was the one-way kind.

Today, she is at home in Arizona, and looking better than she has in weeks.  After a few days of settling her and Grandma back into their former lives, I am on my way back to my normal life too. 

There are still many unknowns– will her current chemotherapy regimen control the cancer?  For how long?–  but after a string of dissapointments in her response to various treatments, I feel a glimmer of hope. I believe that she got benefit from the chemo, because she really looks and feels ever so much better.  Of all the rapid changes we went through over these last few weeks, her turn around is the most wonderful by far.

We wanted the Houston chapter to end with a remission, a cure.  We didn’t get either.  But my mother recieved incredible care, and we did end our time there on a happy note.  My mom recovered from renal failure, left her hospital bed behind, floored her oncologist with how great she looked for the final outpatient visit, stuck her feet in the sand one last time in Galveston, and came home.

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