Everywhere, there are butterflies.

They fly around my head while I walk to my front door.  Their larvae cling to my tee shirt while I water tomatoes.

These are creatures of transformation. Purportedly, they are the only living being that completely change their DNA during a lifetime. 

I think about my mother’s transformation on a daily basis, but maybe these little insects are hinting at my own process. Afterall, I want to be different.  My sunny exterior doesn’t always show the extent in which I am fearful and negative. Whether its the Irish DNA or scars from prior trauma, I spend a disporportionate time planning for and expecting the worst.  Mom and I might have some of the same genes, but in this regard we are very different animals.

I want to peel away the darkness and step into a new being.  One that is lighter, less worried about tomorrow but one that soaks in the joys of today.

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