the wave

I dreamed last night of an impending tidal wave.

I was helping a beautiful woman, weakened by illness but still radiant, with deep cocoa-colored skin, move from her home before the water came.  It was going to destroy everything.  She said goodbye to her spouse, and left everything she knew behind.  She was calm and happy. We walked together slowly through the streets of her city, carrying nothing, passing by others who seemed to know nothing of the impending storm.  I supposed it wasn’t their disaster, it wasn’t going to affect them. I was looking for her new place of shelter, but I couldn’t find it. I knew it was close, though.   And then I woke up.

Today, gentle rains have been washing Sun City on and off all day.  My mom’s chest is filling with fluid, and she gurgles as she breathes.

Life began in deep, dark waters many millenia ago, and such it began with each of us, a cluster of cells floating in our mother’s sea.  And at the end, some of us return to the water, as we swell in our extremeties, and then an invisible wave from the hidden recesses of our tired body pushes our spirit up, up and out.  


3 thoughts on “the wave

  1. barbara snow

    You most definitely are helping your mom through this tidal wave, and although it must feel like the end of the earth (or certainly the end of life as you have known it) the sun will shine again bringing new life with it. Life and love are never really destroyed, just altered to fit the landscape from time to time.
    You are such a brave and beautiful woman, Katy. Take good care of yourself as well.

  2. Cousin Janet

    How prophetic as I just received news of our dear one passing from my Mother and now reading your blog of your last nights dream…..the spirits were abounding in Sun City. they gently took our Nell to the other side………..Love you Katy……….Janet

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