It finally happened.  Except for a period of time when I was a brand new nurse and falling ill to every super-bug flying around the hospital, since adulthood I have rarely gotten sick.  Patients cough on me, all my coworkers catch the viral illness d’jour, and I take a look around with the bewilderment of the Last Woman Standing. But even the Finest T-Cells in Tucson© eventually reach their limits. I’m sneezing and coughing and feeling miserable and wish Momma were here because she was always sympathetic to these sorts of plights. 

My first illness without Mom’s comfort- yet another “first” that brings up the sadness.    First month without her, first holiday without her, first illness without her– they all, quite frankly, have sucked.

The plus side to being a snot-nosed mess is I’ve had a light load at work, and the rare opportunity to rent movies that are firmly located on my husband’s “I’d rather have a colonoscopy than watch it” list. 



Ryan Gosling was hot.  Even as an aged, alcoholic character wearing an ugly eagle shirt.



We watched a movie last night with less eye candy, but one that both of us were interested in– Blue Gold: World Water Wars.  I recommend it to everyone, not only to desert-dwellers such as ourselves.  Its a terrifying glimpse into the future of water privatization and global water shortages.


2 thoughts on “sickness

  1. wartica

    I hope you fell better soon; I go through similar virus issues in a building with over 3000 associates.BTW, Blue Valentine is a classic movie:)) I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Nelda

    It may be that your resistance is down from all you been through on the past 20 months. Your body is saying, give me a break. Take care and let Jack take care of you.


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