10 things I learned from Mom… and Chasing the Perfect Moment


10. Never wear underwear to bed at night.  Its the way of freedom, ladies.

9. A bed isn’t made properly without “hospital corners”

8. Except for #9, there isn’t an absolute right way to do most things. Figure out for yourself what works.

7.  Planning for fun activities is essential, and almost as fun as the actual activity itself

6. If your surroundings are clean and beautiful, you will feel more peace on the inside

5. Why waste words when a simple facial expression will suffice?

4. There is nothing more important than to be of service (Editor’s note– I am grateful to have had others in my life to help me learn how to say “no”)

3. Be generous with your time, your thoughts, your talents

2. There are few problems that can’t be helped by a walk outside

1. Say thank you.  Say it meaningfully, promptly and often.



In other news, my recent post was featured on Ginny’s blog, Chasing the Perfect Moment (under the section “The Essay Closet”).  She writes beautifully, and I am honored that she shared my words with her followers.   Check it out here, and follow her blog, ‘kay?

4 thoughts on “10 things I learned from Mom… and Chasing the Perfect Moment

  1. Barbara Snow

    Here’s one from your Mom that I’ll never forget: “People are complex.” Every time I meet someone difficult, I remember her saying that to me.
    Love, Barb

  2. Maura

    Those are great. I laughed at the ‘hospital corners’, also, pillows open facing away from the door.

    Those are some lovely things to take forward in life, and glad that you are learning to say ‘no’. That’s a hard one for many of us. But I believe, good boundaries make for excellent relationships.


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