Today is the first day of Spring. This year has been unseasonably warm in the desert, but yesterday Winter gave one last hurrah. It was if she follows the Gregorian calendar.  The sky ripped open with hail and rain while her icy breath shocked tender spring plants and sent shivers down my spine.

Her grip wasn’t complete, however.  In between the downpours of hail, the sun shone warmly.  A losing battle against the forces that spin our planet, our universe.  I felt in synch with all this drama– the wild extremes are a bit like grief.



Today was still cool, yet sunny and comparatively calm.  I think most of our seedlings survived the onslaught of the elements and will carry on. What appears now in the garden to be tiny and hesitant, pale and subtle, will be in only a few months vibrant and unruly, overgrown and fruitful.

Our planet is now halfway between light and dark.  All in perfect balance for new beginnings, new life.  I find myself propelled to grow, to expand, but this requires some self-examination.  Where do I want to go?  Who do I want to be?

I wish all of you a happy Spring, and fertile ground for whatever you wish to bring forth into the future.

7 thoughts on “spring

  1. Danielle

    oh crap! I guess instead of being upset of moving to a new state I should be happy to be moving in any direction which is good for my family. I miss you Kate. Sorry it won’t be Tucson. Maybe in 10 years! We always will have Minnesota. Big hugs and kisses!

  2. sarenaperez

    Your blog postings always evoke emotion out of me. I really enjoy reading about the relationship between you and your mother, seeing the photos of your mother and you when you were young and hearing your story. This blog is really very touching. Thank you for writing it.


  3. kelli

    i found spring a good companion for my grief. it is really kind of wild, tumbling onto your blog at this anniversary. reading what i went through a year ago. it is good that you are embracing the elements, there is nothing so refreshing as a downpour that accompanies tears, or as uplifting as the sunburst that follows.

    i started a blog on here as i was caring for my mom, right before we got her diagnosis. it is called eatyourapplesauce.wordpress.com. i’ll try and put a link in. http://eatyourapplesauce.wordpress.com/2011/01/ hey, look, that might have worked, lol. i don’t want to rub salt in any wounds but it might help to read some of the later posts.

    i think you are a strong woman, and a wonderful daughter. you honor your mom in this. hang in there.


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