homage to Peeps

My mother loved Peeps.  Yes, Peeps.  Everyone’s top pick for the Creepiest Easter Candy Award. These often-stale, flourescent products of modern science were never my favorite.  I remember a student in high school fixed one of the marshmallow birds on his locker door, where it hardened and stayed mounted there for months, beady eyes staring out into space like a trophy kill from CandyLand.

They always brought a smile to my mom’s face, though.  I can still hear her purr “Oh, Peeps!  I just love Peeps!”

This morning, I was remembering her affection for Peeps and thinking how I hadn’t seen a single Peep all year, and here it was the day before Easter.  They don’t tend to be stocked in the earthy-crunchy places I frequent. Then, I went to a concert this evening, ordered myself an amazing crepe from a street vendor, and low and behold, it was garnished with a Peep.  Of the rabbit variety.



And I ate it for Mom.  I am happy to report it was the freshest, finest-tasting Peep I ever had.

Happy Easter.


12 thoughts on “homage to Peeps

  1. Capt. Savage

    Okay I liked the post, but I’m glad that the concept of peeps has never made it Down Under (in Australia) cause I already have enough issues with my chocolate addiction!

    Capt. Savage
    (what the heck is a peep?)

  2. kellig

    it must be a generational thing, Peeps. my mom adored them. only the original colors though, the pink and the yellow, thought she did soften towards purple these last few years. every single easter i wold load her up with them.

    after she died, and i was cleaning out her room, i came upon a stash. i hadn’t really cried up until then. but those Peeps…
    two weeks ago, at the local supermarket, I came around a corner and there was half an aisle of the damn things. i am sure the people passing were giving wide berth to the weird lady crying in the aisle, with a package of yellow chicks pressed to her face.

    1. bornbyariver Post author

      grief is a funny thing… sometimes its a song, an occasion, a photo that will set us off… sometimes its a flourescent marshmallow candy. Glad to know I’m not alone.


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