She always complained bitterly that this plant never bloomed. She tended it, neglected it… no matter what, it was always green.

In this first spring since her death, it is now loaded with blossoms. The branches are heavy in an explosion of fuchsia. It is beautiful, and also sends a shiver down my spine. I wonder…

12 thoughts on “my mother’s bougainvillea

  1. Green Thumb Mama

    When my “adopted” grandpa passed away, the morning of his funeral, one lonely orchid bloomed for his wife. Orchids were her favorite and he planted them year after year for her. Orchids were not supposed to bloom at that time of the year. One bloomed and she wore it on her lapel at the funeral. Sometimes the living need to know that the passed on are still there….watching and loving us. 🙂 Blessings. ❤

  2. Maura

    That story gives me shivers. I had some interactions in the natural world after my husband’s death that made me wonder about his energy still in this world. It seems more tangible than just memory.

    1. bornbyariver Post author

      I like your view on these things… its hard to believe in a mom with wings, waving a magic wand and making a plant bloom post-mortem, but her energy I can sort of wrap my head around….

  3. Barbara Snow

    I think of her energy as something tangible whenever I’m inspired to do something, to write something, to be a better person. Beautiful posting, as usual Katy.
    Love, Barb


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