Roper Lake. May, 2012.

We are going camping!

I don’t know how two people who hate/hated camping gave birth to me, a person who is hard pressed to think of anything she loves more than waking up in a tent. But it happened. I am not my mother nor my father’s daughter in this regard.

I didn’t really go camping until I was 16. Sometimes is terrifies me to think I could have continued on that path, never knowing these things about myself:

I need to breathe air cleansed by the wild. I need to feel the warmth of the fire, and of my sleeping bag. I need the quiet.

I am grateful to those that brought me outside and showed me the door to discovering who I am. I hope I would have figured it out eventually. But you never know.

Have a great weekend, dear readers. May you find a slice of your own heaven, whatever that looks like for you.

5 thoughts on “the call of the wild

  1. Martha Goudey

    I never camped, or skied, or backbacked or gardened until I was 24 and my husband and I moved from San Diego to Park City, Utah to live. That was many years ago, and I now live in the flatland of Central Washington (40 minutes from the woods) my memories of that first fall, hiking under the golden aspen, remain vivid. I still love to walk and hike and although I’m confined to the house and patio this fall because of foot surgery, I can’t wait to be back in the garden and back in the woods. Enjoy.

  2. kellig

    something i fervently thank my father for is his obsession with camping. i haven’t done it in four horrible years, but some of my absolute best times in all the world have been near a tent. i think since i have moved here, away from the big city, with the trees and mountains surrounding me, with that great big river winding its way through town… i feel the need so much any more. glad you are getting to experience it again.

  3. rachturner

    I’ve only been camping once and didn’t really enjoy it that much, but I’ve been thinking of giving it another try. You’ve inspired me! Hope you had a GREAT weekend camping!


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