six word memoir

Aesthetic Unfolding: Lucky Loss Connection Release

I was recently inspired by posts here and here.  Can you write your memoir using only six words?

Give it a try~ leave your six words in the comment section, and we can get to know each other better.

Aesthetic:in childhood I devoured stacks of books, smiled though harp lessons and filled and notebooks with poetry. These days I don’t have as much time for reading, music or writing, but my soul is stirred by the birds flying through the air, the flowers blooming in the garden.  I move my hips to a great song on the radio, and the perfect written word makes my toes curl. My relationship with beauty and art is lifelong and the source of much joy.

Unfolding: I believe life is a journey, a discovery.  Through the aging process we can come to know our true selves and realize who we are meant to be.

Lucky: I am lucky. In being born where, and when, and to whom, I have known love and respect from my first days on Earth.  Wealthy by global standards, I live in a country of abundance and have never known hunger or serious illness. I was blessed with characteristics that have made success relatively easy for me, and I had parents that supported my education and my dreams. My professional calling happened to coincide with national nursing shortages and, lucky me, I landed my dream job before the age of 30. Really, the list goes on and on, but there is no question that I am unbelievably blessed.

Loss: Despite being lucky, I also have experienced tremendous loss.  Life is about saying goodbye to those that you love the most and what you hold the most dear.  If yours isn’t, just wait, it probably will be someday, if you live long enough.

Connection: I am a nurse, and both in my professional and in my personal life I find great joy in  connecting with other human beings. I love hearing your stories.  It has been a lifelong challenge for me to find and maintain boundaries so I can keep myself healthy and sustain myself in relating with others.I also feel connection and meaning in the natural world, and spending time with nature re-energizes me in a way that is difficult to put into words.

Release: it’s all about letting go, baby.  This one is difficult for me too.

12 thoughts on “six word memoir

  1. Loni Found Herself

    This one is hard, particularly when you offer such a tremendous example. I’m going to think about mine and get back to you.

    However, I will now say something I’ve been thinking after reading so many of your lovely posts – I do believe that if we knew one another in real life we’d be good friends. We have so much in common.

  2. matesonlane

    It occurs to me that by explaining your six words, the memoir becomes much longer than six words. :-), that said, I like it. i recently had to do this exercise at a workshop I attended and I was amazed at the beauty and humor (davidjester made me laugh) people could express in six words.

    Anyhow, my memoir would go: Who the hell am I anyhow?


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