a return to San Antonio

The Riverwalk snakes through the heart of San Antonio. Dotted with waterside cafes, it is a romantic, lovely place to visit. I escape from the worlds premiere conference on breast cancer to sip Pinot Grigio in the sunshine while aggressive waterfowl vie for breadcrumbs.

This isn’t my first experience in San Antonio; I was here 20 years ago. I skipped along the river, as free as the ducks scrounging at the cafe. My sister and I frolicked in an amphitheater while my mom took pictures of our spontaneous dance.

Click, click, click.

I was a girl. I believed because it happened once, it would happen again. Unfortunately I was too naive to notice how special the small moments are, too innocent to know I might not return until I was grown up, old enough to sip my wine quietly and listen to the slapping of the water along the riverbank while I bask in the sun.

Life is full of so many beautiful moments that are gone in a flash, never to return. I know I can never hold on to them, but I hope to be awake, aware, to soak them in like I do the sunshine.

6 thoughts on “a return to San Antonio

  1. Chatter Master

    Amen. What a gift, that during our life time we become of what really matters and pay attention to these moments. Here’s to much joy and awareness of all of your wonderful moments.

  2. idioticinfertility

    Are you familiar with Thornton Wilder’s Our Town? If not, pick up a copy, it’s all about how we can’t ever truly grasp the meaning of moments when we’re in them…

  3. Kathy

    I’ve visited many different places on business trips. In and out in a day’s time, I get little chance to experience where I am, since much of the time I am stuck in meetings. Sometimes I do get the chance to wander a new city and it’s wonderful. Beautiful picture.

  4. Denise Hisey

    What a beautiful picture…I was there in 1981 and wished I’d taken more pictures.
    Apparently it is part of the human condition that we don’t ‘smell the roses’ when they are in front of us!

  5. Heart To Harp

    It’s so hard to know in the present which moments will be the ‘special ones.” I guess trying to be awake and aware and present in the present is how best not to miss them.


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