my new tattoo

my tattoo


“Every bird that flies has the thread of the infinite in its claw” ~ Victor Hugo

Remember when I wrote a while back that I wanted a second tattoo?

I finally got it!

This testament on my body to my mother’s transformation is perfect perfect perfect. I really couldn’t be happier.  I know if she were alive she would think it was weird I memorialized her with a tattoo- but she’s not alive, and if her spirit has a shred of awareness about the fact that I inked an image of flight, of escaping and eclipsing the boundaries of life on my leg, I don’t think she minds at all.

20 thoughts on “my new tattoo

  1. Stephanie

    It’s intricate, lovely, and hopeful–just like your memories of your mom. I’m sure she approves…..even if my kids wouldn’t let me commemorate my own birthday with a pirate tattoo :). And you are not going to believe the coincidence when you see the thing I’ve been making for you…..

    1. bornbyariver Post author

      yes, part of myself is screaming “I am not worthy!” So I’m working on silencing her and waiting very patiently for the spontaneous gift-giving from a dear blogging friend. And you know, what you send out in the universe often comes back to you in a different form…

  2. Barb Snow

    Oh Katy,
    Even though I will probably be the only person in America to never experience a tat or a piercing (damn that needle phobia!) I love it. And she would too.

  3. Heart To Harp

    I think it is wonderful. It beautifully symbolizes your mother’s transformation. and it also reminds me of your own transformation that you are describing in your latest posts. You are also flying free from the weight of loss and grief and sadness. (I think you are very brave to go for a second tattoo – memory of how much my first one hurt keeps me from a repeat.)

  4. liz

    it is beautiful! aren’t tattoos just perfect for telling a story & symbolizing a memory, person, or season of life? i’ve got 5 of them – and am ready for #6!

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