I have a tattoo of a birdcage on my calf.  Last night, I dreamed that the ink on the birdcage was fading away; it was becoming nearly inappreciable in spots.  I was disappointed and returned to the tattoo shop in order for her to redo her work.

“No” the artist said. “Its supposed to do that.”

I wish in life we could have what limits us fade away to nothing with minimal effort, the natural decomposition of walls and bars and ceilings.  Sometimes its more complicated than that. Sometimes we have to sweat and bleed and sob and pray before the flood gates fall, the doors spring open, and then suddenly, we are flying free.  Other times, it happens spontaneously and unexpectedly, and as we float along we suddenly pass through a channel into a different land than something we ever envisioned or dreamed of.

Regardless of how we get there, freedom is an exhilarating feeling.  The rustle of the wind through flight feathers, the fresh air blasting up the nose and into the lungs, soaring into a land of new beginnings.


11 thoughts on “freedom

  1. runningonsober

    This made me smile! It reminded me of a favorite Rumi quote:

    “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”

    Thank you for this lovely reminder.

  2. Kathy

    It’s hard to break away from that which weighs on our hearts. Standing outside in the silence of the night, darkness surrounding me, the chill of winter seeping through my clothes, I feel the troubles of life slipping away for just a moment. I wish I could float away to where my mom is or that she would appear before me. I know it won’t happen. But for a moment there is peace.


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