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It finally happened.  Except for a period of time when I was a brand new nurse and falling ill to every super-bug flying around the hospital, since adulthood I have rarely gotten sick.  Patients cough on me, all my coworkers catch the viral illness d’jour, and I take a look around with the bewilderment of the Last Woman Standing. But even the Finest T-Cells in Tucson© eventually reach their limits. I’m sneezing and coughing and feeling miserable and wish Momma were here because she was always sympathetic to these sorts of plights. 

My first illness without Mom’s comfort- yet another “first” that brings up the sadness.    First month without her, first holiday without her, first illness without her– they all, quite frankly, have sucked.

The plus side to being a snot-nosed mess is I’ve had a light load at work, and the rare opportunity to rent movies that are firmly located on my husband’s “I’d rather have a colonoscopy than watch it” list. 



Ryan Gosling was hot.  Even as an aged, alcoholic character wearing an ugly eagle shirt.



We watched a movie last night with less eye candy, but one that both of us were interested in– Blue Gold: World Water Wars.  I recommend it to everyone, not only to desert-dwellers such as ourselves.  Its a terrifying glimpse into the future of water privatization and global water shortages.


why it sucks to have a parent with cancer: reason #79

It goes something like this…

Your head hurts.  Correction– its killing you.  Trobbing pain, over your right temple and shooting to the eye.  Its making your morning cup of coffee feel like a chore.  The sheer prospect of suffering with this thing for the rest of the day is bringing on a serious depression, and its not even 8AM yet.

Prior to taking any analgesics, you do what any self-respecting, independent young professional would do: whine.


She turns her bald head to you, facial features chisled from her recent weight loss.  She is nauseated from her recent chemotherapy but trying to choke down breakfast anyway. “Yes, honey?”

“I… uh… nevermind.”

After a lifetime of complaining to Mom about innane little problems that generally self-resolve within an hour, I’m not always sure what to do.  I could whine to her, and feel like an ass.  I could not whine, and feel I’m somehow being disingenuous.  Plus, I’d miss out on the satisfaction of voicing  a problem to Mom and getting soothed with a honeyed tone reserved just for her child– even if she happens to be well into adulthood.  

Thanks a lot, cancer!

its just a phone, but…


I lost my iPhone today, en route to Houston.  Well, I think I lost it.  I last saw it in the Phoenix International Airport and it wasn’t in by bag when my plan landed in Texas. Damn. Lost or stolen, the phone is gone.

It sounds really whiny to complain about a missing phone right now, probably because it is.  Even I have enough self awareness to notice that.  Yep, I’m constantly on the iphone– it might be one of the yuppiest things about me.  Even though many others have cooled in their devotion (tempered perhaps by the fact that everyone else under the sun has one now, too), I’m still pretty noisy about how much I love my phone.  So to lose it? Especially now? Seriously?  My mom is sick from her chemo, I’m distracted with worry, then this– the crappy icing on a shit peice of cake. 

Anyway, the good news is, I’ll get a new phone, but not until May 6th.  That’s when the hubby is eligible for an upgrade (which actually means a replacement, but who’s getting hung up on the specifics?).  I can then apply his “upgrade” to my phone, and hopefully I synched before I downloaded all that awesome music and it will be restored to me through the magic of the digital era- but probably not. 

The even better news is Mom is feeling much improved from earlier today.  I spent some time with her in the hospital at MD Anderson before she went to bed, and she’s about 100% better from just 4 hours ago.  The nurses and doctors are taking great care of her, and she’s going to beat this thing.  And one more annoying, entitled iPhone user will get another phone within a week.  All is right with the world.