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a return to San Antonio

The Riverwalk snakes through the heart of San Antonio. Dotted with waterside cafes, it is a romantic, lovely place to visit. I escape from the worlds premiere conference on breast cancer to sip Pinot Grigio in the sunshine while aggressive waterfowl vie for breadcrumbs.

This isn’t my first experience in San Antonio; I was here 20 years ago. I skipped along the river, as free as the ducks scrounging at the cafe. My sister and I frolicked in an amphitheater while my mom took pictures of our spontaneous dance.

Click, click, click.

I was a girl. I believed because it happened once, it would happen again. Unfortunately I was too naive to notice how special the small moments are, too innocent to know I might not return until I was grown up, old enough to sip my wine quietly and listen to the slapping of the water along the riverbank while I bask in the sun.

Life is full of so many beautiful moments that are gone in a flash, never to return. I know I can never hold on to them, but I hope to be awake, aware, to soak them in like I do the sunshine.