I take pictures of birds because I can


It might have been a little foolish. I lost my savings in the divorce, and I really had no business spending money on things I didn’t “need.”

But I wanted to take pictures of birds.

So I bought a camera, a nice one.  I don’t even really know how to use it yet- my high school photography class was in the previous millenium, long before digital SLRs. But I’m able to take pictures of birds.

So I do.


16 thoughts on “I take pictures of birds because I can

  1. Barb Snow

    I know a thing or two about losing your life savings late in life. One thing it does, is make you very thoughtful about each and every purchase you make. We clutter our lives with too much stuff, is the lesson I learned. So now we learn to choose carefully. The camera is an important creative tool for you – you deserve it.
    Love, Barb

  2. kellig

    When i moved to Redding, I became aware of the bird life. before, when i had loved in the bay area and soCal, birds were just birds, no big deal. And I am not sure why I am so entranced with the birds here… they are different the ones I am familiar with from before, but that isn’t it. Perhaps it is because they are so busy, and fussy and precise. so energetic. I have a few feeders in my yard, and the birds are plentiful and ravenous. I think about photographing them from time to time, mainly so I can identify them. but never do.
    i’m glad you bought the camera, life is more than just existing. it is good to find joy and creativity.

    1. bornbyariver Post author

      Its interesting how much there is to explore in life and how perspectives can change. I never paid any attention to birds, until one day I did. Now I can’t get enough.

  3. Heart To Harp

    The joy of photographing birds and the possibilities your camera allows will remain with you long after your bank balance is forgotten. The photos are lovely. Congratulations on saying yes to your creativity!

  4. Loni Found Herself

    I love that you take pictures of birds. If I could devote my life to taking pictures to birds, I would. We all need things that are “ours,” and I agree that it’s not a bad thing to spoil ourselves every now and then.


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